Medico Legal Services Ltd

Coordination of Legal and Medical Experts providing medico-legal reports in support of personal injury claims throughout the UK since 1999

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Medico-Legal Reports & Services for Personal Injury - Negligence & CPD Seminars


Our medico legal reports and services are designed to produce quality results in a relevant time appropriate to the needs of insurance companies, law firms, consultants and clients.

Medico-Legal Services can provide proposals identifying three suitable medical experts in the relevant speciality(s) and geographic area.

Instructions for medico legal reports will normally be processed on the day the instruction is received and appointments, with the agreed expert witness, will be offered within two weeks.

Should no further consultation or investigations be necessary, the reports will be issued within four weeks of instruction. Payment from new clients is expected on delivery of the report. Other terms can be discussed once the business relationship has developed

When necessary, urgent, evening, Saturday and domiciliary appointments can be arranged.



Personal injury referrals to appropriate legal and medical practitioners

Personal Injury reports by in-house medical experts

Home visits

Urgent appointments

On-site investigations; MRI, Radiography, Pathology

Physiotherapy referral

Electronic information/file collation, distribution when appropriate and agreed

Preliminary medical advice by email within 24 hours for existing client law firms

Approved for the organisation of CPD Seminars

Digital and conventional transcription service available 



The following protocol is supplied for guidance and information and is appropriate for instructions in any area of the UK

Instruction letters should be sent to Medico-Legal Services Ltd

An appointment will be made with the appropriate/requested Medico-Legal Services expert witness.

When appropriate, previous notes/investigation records should be made available to Medico-Legal Services before the appointment.

The consultation will take place within two weeks of receipt of instruction letter if possible.

Urgent appointments can be arranged.

Evening and Saturday appointments are available.

Domiciliary visits can be arranged.

In the event of non-attendance by the client, Medico-Legal Services will inform the instructing solicitor by the next working day. For some expert witnesses this may incur a charge.

If no further investigations are required, i.e. X-rays, MR scan; the medico legal report will be prepared and sent to the Solicitor within two to four weeks of date of consultation.

If further investigations are required, every effort will be made to ensure the shortest possible timelines are adhered to. If appropriate, coordination of additional investigations will be undertaken by Medico-Legal Service